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When presenting your concepts and ideas, a well thought out graphic design will bring out the essential information. Either in Illustrations and icons or typography and layout Big Mountain makes visual content more engaging and stand out from the clutter. With a focus on simple design and visual hierarchy, your articles, reports and presentations will communicate that was is essential.


The iconic Dr. Martens 1460 lace-up boot has been a symbol of rebeliousness since it's inception in 1960. It is still often copied and replicated today. These images show the unique aspects of the 1460 boot; the yellow stitching through the welt of the sole and on the heel loop; the air cushioned sole made of brown PVC rubber, and the ten unique colours the boot is manufactured in.

Tags: Graphic design, Illustration

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Grafisch ontwerp  pagina van Big Mountain Datavisualisatie en informatie design Amsterdam Infographics design  Tableau dataviz dashboard  Freelance freelancer Graphic design van cijfers en complexe informatie naar inzichten en verhalen door effectief grafisch ontwerp. Interactieve dashboards in Power BI 

Want to find the insighsts behind your data? Or do you already have a story and want to visualize it in the most effective way? Get in contact and see how Big Mountain gets you from numbers and facts to insights and stories.

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