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Various projects

Overview of various projects made for Makeover Monday a weekly Tableau community challenge to visualise and analyse data. This is a selection of interactive data visualisations made since joining the challenge in 2017.

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Tags: Data Visualisation, Tableau

Plastic recycling Amsterdam


Project Description:

Work in Progress (aug 2021) looking at  plastics recycling in Amsterdam as part of the What Design can Do No Waste challenge. 

Tags: Data Research, Data visualisation

Tools: Illustrator

Vizualizing Equality Dashboard-01.jpg

KPI dashboards

Various projects

Overview of various interactive KPI dashboards made in Tableau and Microsfot Power BI.

Tags: Data Visualisation, Information Design

Tools: Tableau, Power BI, Illustrator


PROJECTS > information design


Table of contents design


Project Description:

For the in-print publication of 

RESHAPE we designed a table of contents in a non-lineair way so readers could more naturally browse through the book following it's separate themes. Together we have come up with a cloud-like way of representing the information in the book.

Tags: Information design, Infographics

Tools: Miro, Illustrator, InDesign

Educational tracks flowgraph


15- 24 yr olds in Amsterdam


Project Description:

The department of work and reintegration of Amsterdam were looking to get a better overview of all the educational and government support and responsibilities for young people aged 15 and older. After the inital setup of this flow diagram many new elements were added as it clearly served its function as a conversation starter.

Tags: Information design, Infographics, Flow diagram Tools: Illustrator


PROJECTS > graphic design and illustration


1460 Boot Illustration


Project Description:

Illustration for Airwair showing the unique aspects of the Dr. Martens 1460 lace-up boot; The yellow stitching through the welt of the sole and on the heel loop; the air cushioned sole made of brown PVC rubber, and the ten unique colours the boot is manufactured in.

Tags: Graphic Design and Illustration, Infographics

Tools: Illustrator


Various projects

Overview of various logos and icons for branding and infographics projects.

Amsterdam Bicycle city brand

YesBabbaThings ?

Bespoke plastics icons?

Tags: Graphic Design and Illustration, Infographics

Tools: Illustrator


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