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Your data is valuable, but you might not use it to its fullest potential. Maybe you have a mountain of data but you don’t yet know where the insights are. Big Mountain helps getting insights from your data so you can make better business decisions. Using data analytics and data visualizations in powerful graphs and charts that turn your numbers into insights.

Tools: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google data studio, Datawrapper, Raw graphs etc.



Complex information that you want to communicate to your audience does not need to be visually complex. Using information design and visual thinking principles Big Mountain turns your complex information into engaging visual stories, infographics and reports that are easy to understand and convey more effectively what you want to communicate.

Tools: Localfocus, Mapbox, Illustrator,, Miro and other mind mapping tools.



Effective visual communication of data starts with selecting the right data for your and your audiences needs and objectives. In the small area of a computer screen a large amount of relevant data needs to be presented without distractions and unnecessary clutter. Big Mountain designs static and interactive business information dashboards with the end user in mind and at the same time makes sure databases and data funnels are maintained.

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Figma



When presenting your concepts and ideas, a well thought out graphic design will bring out the essential information. Either in Illustrations and icons or typography and layout Big Mountain makes visual content more engaging and stand out from the clutter. With a focus on simple design and visual hierarchy, your articles, reports and presentations will communicate that was is essential.

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Figma

Want to find the insighsts behind your data? Or do you already have a story and want to visualize it in the most effective way? Get in contact and see how Big Mountain gets you from numbers and facts to insights and stories.

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